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LftB BIO - Leonard by LalaLiliLalaLii LftB BIO - Leonard by LalaLiliLalaLii

Leonard Hawthorne Worthington


163 (appear to be about 28)

January 12


Physical appearance:
Red/maroon wavy hair that is about shoulder length and somewhat messy, bright green eyes, deathly pale skin (or sunburnt white before)

Tattooes, scars, birthmarks:
A mole on his left cheek

186 cm

91 kg

Victorian white shirt (sometimes has frills around the hemline), vest and waistcoat, both usually in either black or variations of darker colors, black/dark gray trousers and shoes, can usually be seen wearing a cravat and carrying along an intricate gold pocket watch.

Feelings toward people in general:
To him, people are subjects that is to be handled and ruled with tact, power, and a bit of benevolence when necessary. Ever since he was young, he had been taught that as a noble he had many hidden enemies who would pounce at any given chance, and it brought him to manage to keep visible distance from others. He would chose who he wished to be with and who he wished to be away from, and will have no one tell him otherwise. But apart from this stubbornness and aloofness, he knew that one day he himself or his descendants in the future might have a need of the help of those people. So even though he tend to distance himself away from people, when he trusted someone he would trust this person with almost everything.

Economic class:

Where does this character get their money?
From both his family's inheritance and his own work in the local council. Of course, he doesn't have to work. But he does enjoy politics, and being in the council serves not only to keep him entertained but also ensure his line's reputation as a respected and powerful noble line.

How willing is this character to part with their pennies?
It's not that he is stingy, quite far from that, but he would be careful with his spending. He had seen his cousins and relatives fell due to gambling and thoughtlessly excessive spending habits, and surely he wouldn't want to add himself to the list of such people.

Does this character ever give to charities?
Regularly, even though not very often in a year.

Does this character live in a nice house, have a nice car, etc.?
He lives in a castle that is built to look like a medieval fortress from the outside, but with the charm of a handsome Victorian estate from the inside. It's built in three-stories, each floor has a ceiling that was built almost five meters high, and the furniture are mostly antiques that are very well-preserved; some of the smaller decorations were made with gold, silver, and variations of rare jewels. As for the vehicle, he had several carriages that serves various purposes.

Did they have to work hard to get their money, or was it inherited?
Mostly inherited, and he never had to work hard, but he does have regular income from his job as the member of the council.

Sexual orientation:
Exclusively heterosexual

Has this character ever had a romantic interest?

Who is it?
Anneliese Edelberta van Es

For how long?
For 2 years

Has this character ever been married?

Has this character ever been divorced?

Does this character love to be in love or love to hate it?
Being in love clouded his judgment, and he hated that...but it also gave him some sort of rose-colored glasses that enabled him to see beauty in things he'd miss before, and he liked it. So it's more like a love-hate relationship with love itself.

How does this character feel about commitment?
He would be extremely careful after the failed first attempt at commitment, and he would rather not have another, unless he is perfectly sure it would go well.

What does this character feel towards death?
He sees death as a necessary evil. It's a good way to control the population, also usually be the main thing keeping people in straight line regarding their beliefs and faith. But of course, necessary as it is, it's still evil. Even when it has to be done, he would prefer people to have the most peaceful death possible.

He could be best described as businesslike and straightforward, though he wield his words and sentences so carefully it wouldn't come out as straightforward more than decently polite. He values justice more than mercy, which brought him to completely dismiss his cousins' pleas to bail them out of jail for their issues with authority. To him, one is subject to one's own doings, and the only thing one will harvest in season would be what one planted earlier...there's no chance that he would feel guilty seeing someone suffer if he saw them bringing suffering to themselves. He's usually quiet when not asked for an opinion, though once someone did ask, he would present his opinion in all honesty, harsh though it might be. But he wasn't without feelings. He appreciates the opera for the sheer dramatic feeling it could evoke in him, and he enjoyed those little moments of emotional whirlpool. Definitely not for long, though, since he liked it much more to distance himself from anything that might cloud his judgment.

Favorite color:

Favorite animal:
Deers that have impressive antlers.

Favorite genre of music:
Classical (nothing much was available at that era in his hometown)

Favorite book/genre:

Favorite food:
Terra Macadam, a local dish made of lamb and deer meat that required a total of fifteen hours for a trained cook to make, from the seasoning to the serving.

Is this character easy to read, or do they have poker face?
His emotions would be well hidden, unless he really is furious or heartbroken.

Are they usually optimistic or pessimistic?:

Leonard was the seventh son of a noble, Theodore Worthington, also the only one surviving past ten years of age; the rest of the older Worthington's sons were weak and frail since birth and were mostly bedridden to their deaths. Being the only heir of the family, Leonard was given the best education especially in the fields of law and politics, sparking his interest since his youth. It wasn't long after his eleventh birthday that his father passed away, though, leaving him to care for the family estates and businesses that his older cousins struggled to manage. And as soon as he came of age, he joined the local councils to indulge himself in politics. Having his days filled with work made him crave for entertainment every once in a while, and apart from hunting in nearby forests like he always did with his father when he was little, he was used to watch the opera every a couple of weeks. It was there that he met Anneliese, the only woman who could fill his head with her charm, leaving no place for work or sometimes even logic. He didn't even care that Anneliese had a secret that would finally ruin everything, and even after it happened, even after his anger made him leave her, he still couldn't bring himself to hate her...or even love her less than when he first met her. He met Adeline when he was on the run because Giuliano Cavagna, Anneliese's former husband, hunted him and wanted his final death for ever marrying his ex-wife.

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Leonard (c) *LalaLiliLalaLii
Looking for the Butterfly (c) *LalaLiliLalaLii
All rights reserved.

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